Why Segmented Lashes Are Better Than Lash Extention?

If you are looking for a full package that has the best parts of all other eyelash enhancements, such as the customization of individual false lashes, the seamlessness, and longevity of eyelash extensions the ease of applying mascara, then you should try DIY Glams segmented lashes. The
advantage of DIY Glams lashes are:

  • Extremely Easy to Apply Our segmented lash system is so easy to apply, you can apply it under 10 minutes.
  • Less Harmful for Lashes: DIY Glams’ glues are not harmful to your lashes, unlike the glue of the lash extensions
  • Customizable: Have you ever tried the lash extensions and you regrated it right after? That is because No one is better than yourself can map a perfect lash that suits your look. It is very easy to play with DIY Glams lashes, you can effortlessly apply a style, remove it, and reapply it until you find the look you love.
  • Easily Removed: Removing the lash extension requires chemical removers and sometimes the technicians need to cut a few of the stubborn ones along with your natural eyelashes, however our glues are easily dissolved with coconut oil removers, which is a great nourishment for your lashes as well.
  • Less Costly: DIY Glams lashes are way cheaper than lash extensions while it has better quality than most of them. Regardless of all these pros, this product has a remarkable con as well, our lashes are such a makeover that, you might get addicted after one-time try, so be careful

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