Vegan and Animal testing/cruelty free.


Egg(plant) on your face. Often like your skin. Eggplant doesn't get the attention it deserves.

With essential vitamins, antioxidants and anthocyanins, the Quret Beauty Recipe Eggplant mask gives skin soothing benefits so you can bring out your natural beauty. 

Hypoallergenic fit sheet

Quret sheets are made from gum tree extract. Fitting to your skin and delivering absorption evenly to your skin. 

What are the benefits: 

  • Soothing: Vitamin C and Anthocyanins helps prevent oxidative stress to your skin as well as reduce inflammation on a micro scale - providing a gentle soothing relief. 
  • Anti-Ageing Benefits. Improve elasticity and tone your skin making it appear younger with reduced lines, crows feet etc. 
  • Glow: Hydrated and moisturized skin appears healthier and glowing. 
Cleanse the skin before use (for best results, use an exfoliation brush). Open the pack and completely open up the face mask. Gently apply to the skin by lining up the eye & nose holes, then pad down against the skin so the mask has full contact over your face. Leave for 15-20 minutes. Once finished, peel off and gently wipe any excess cremes etc.

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