• FLEXIBLE DESIGN - Earloop Face Mask has a flexible upper side and earloops that allows you to place it easily and wear it comfortably.
  • UNIVERSAL USE - Wear it everywhere you require such as in the office, at home, in a beauty salon, or just outdoors.
  • VERY SOFT FABRIC - The mask is so light and soft that you will forget that you're wearing it within a few minutes.
  • Good for civilian use by the general population who are now advised by government mandates to wear face-covering when leaving homes to carry necessary tasks.


Fluid resistant with 3 layer filtration and PM 2.5 prevention

1st ply: spun-bond PP

2nd ply: melt-blown PP (filter)

3rd ply: spun-bond PP

Size: Adult 17.5x9.5 cm

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